Casicons is a new Android icon set featuring a dark palette.

Each icon is handmade for a unique yet recognizable look that works well on both dark and light backgrounds.

I created this set because I could not find anything quite like it. Gently dimensional, with subtle textures, not too flat or too 3D. Colorful but not too bright.



Casicons is free in the Google Play Store. Try it today and add a different and dark look to your device!

All icons are full XXXHDPI 192x192 resolution

Unthemed icons are masked to fit in with the overall look. This screenshot shows unthemed alongside themed icons

Casicons is the only* icon pack on the market to include an icon for existential despair as personified by a farting octopus

* Don't be fooled by the other, similar icons. They are pale imitations of this original and highly marketable concept referred to in recent legal filings as "octopods conceptualizing human feeling through philosophy-induced flatulence." I'll have you know one of our top employees here at the megacorporation is a fearless copyright law attorney as well as being senior icon taste tester, olfactory specialist, director of marketing, and cover model